Arched Fire ‎– Remote Control CD *****/*****

Finland leads Europe in terms of metal bands per capita as the country has 70,3 metal bands per 100,000 residents (2019) – and Arched Fire is one the better ones.Arched Fire plays Finnish speed metal. This seems to be their debut album on CD released just 2 weeks ago.Well-produced sound and the songs vary nicely making it overall a great package. The opening song “Back on track” is a top class with more nasty sound and awesome effect in singing. The next two songs are more atmospheric, sounding like a different band but still good. I kinda wished the singing style to continue same as on the 1st song but it is better for the whole package to have more variable singing styles as they have. “… and Ride Away” sounds more like 80’s metal / thrash heroes (in a good way!). “Wormhole” includes a video too. Video is visually really cool and the song was the right one to choose being the best one. Video has lyrics too.

This is released by Italian label WormHoleDeath that has a sub-label in Japan.
Overall it’s a quality album with no weak links. The guitarists do excellent job and all instruments are in perfect balance. I don’t know how long these guys have played together, but this is pretty intense album. There’s nice balance with old-school heavy / speed metal elements mixed with more modern and unique metal vibe.

Finnish metal seems to stay strong! Recommended to any metal fan.

***** by 1STAR REVIEWS 15-05-2021

Arched Fire – Wormhole (Lyric Video)

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